ARX Portugal Arquitectos


Largo de Santos, 4 - 1º, 1200-808 Lisbon  
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Apartments with breathtaking views and the pool on the rooftop Lisbon It was 1992 when Nuno and José decided to create ARX Portugal Real Estate Arquitectos. Lisbon then became  their professional home city where they set up their architect's office. 

Many of their projects have emerged here - all of them were successfully realised and other projects are currently under construction.  

Since mid-2014 the ARX were more involved in urban renewal projects, especially in the reconstruction of the historic districts of Lisbon.

Combining the charm with traditional Portuguese architecture, they allied experiences and knowledge with a contemporary vision that makes their architectural projects a great success!

"Our architecture doesn't follow a lexicon or a stabilized language. In every new project we try to find the "vocables" for a specific language to the new context. More than searching common points between each new project and the previous, our interest focus more on finding differences. It is as if we were always returning to zero. And, at a certain level, that is our conception of innovation.

Evidently this approach also opens up a vast research field. Not having to work within rigid precepts, we search an experimental path where we can test new concepts starting from what interest and fascinates us. Meanwhile, wise seem to us the words of the Brazilian poet and philosopher António Cícero that once said: "what is interesting, it is not much writing something new, but writing something that the reading doesn't date it.

The future is always hard to predict, but, com-probingly, after the revolutions, of the disinterest in history and the advent of globalization, there will be certainly a return to the local, to the specific, to the architecture made of small but solid impulses from the things that arrive to us."


Currently, the office employs about fifteen architects.


You can learn more about ARX, here.